At the heart of the abortion industry is deep, spiritual darkness

Those in the abortion industry know full-well they are ending the lives of human beings. And they don’t care. They are broken, misguided people – mentally, spiritually and ethically.

We need to stop being shocked at their cruelty and callousness, and understand that we are fighting a spiritual battle.

Until Truth and Light eradicates the deep, seething darkness in their hearts and minds, they will continue in their wickedness and depravity. They will continue in their illogical, unscientific delusions. They will continue to murder with impunity, all the while congratulating themselves for how progressive, evolved and empowered they have become.



Canadian Healthcare Crisis

There is a disease metastasizing within the Canadian Healthcare system, and it’s growing faster and more aggressively than anyone could have imagined.

Several members of my own family have been victimized, and dozens of friends and acquaintances report similar, and often times worse, experiences.

Five primary problems exist:

Racist, bigoted doctors and nurses openly hostile towards Caucasians, indigenous peoples, Jews and Christians, treating patients rudely and often times outright refusing to even examine patients, let alone listen to their concerns or treat their ailments.

Foreign doctors and nurses that neither speak nor understand English. Regardless of how nice or well-intentioned anyone is, there is NO room for miscommunication in healthcare. Lives depend on clear communication.

Filthy, unsanitary facilities. I was recently in a laboratory to provide samples for testing. The door handle and walls of the restroom I was directed to use were smeared with human blood. HUMAN BLOOD. I have found (and others have similarly reported) waiting rooms and examination rooms to be filthy. Some have had layers of grime and dust upon instruments, stained furnishings, crumbling walls. Forgive me if I don’t want a communal examination light crammed in my ear after it’s just been inside someone else’s snotty nose.

Overcrowding and extreme wait times. This speaks for itself.

Pharmacists that fancy themselves physicians. In addition to refusing to fill prescriptions for antibiotics, pharmacists have also been refusing to fill patients’ long-standing prescriptions, deciding for themselves that the medications in question are no longer correctly prescribed (which I suppose isn’t entirely impossible given the massive influx of dubiously qualified foreign-trained doctors).

As person battling long-term illness, reliant on the Canadian Healthcare system (the very same system that terrifyingly considers euthanasia and abortion morally acceptable), the increasingly dangerous conditions of our healthcare system and openly contemptuous treatment from doctors is beyond frightening.

I consider it a point of honor be kind and respectful to everyone. And aside from pal with a propensity for ‘colorful language’ (you know who you are! lol) I know for a fact that my friends and family treat others as I do. There is no reason for the cruel, uncaring treatment so many are receiving.

I don’t know what can be done, but things need to change before someone loses their life.

Secrets of life #54

Writers have the best comebacks.

It just takes us a few days to examine our heart and soul, consider the condition of humanity and the nature of the universe, scrutinize the morality of our response and how it will effect our readership, and finally compose, revise and polish our scorching comeback.

The Hollywood Cult Of Social Justice

It’s no secret that radical leftist politics have infected almost every aspect of the entertainment industry.

Copy-and-Paste extremist talking points are shoehorned into movies, music and television and parroted by “enlightened” celebrities with religious fervor. Anyone that doesn’t unconditionally affirm and support their politics is labeled a religious zealot, bigot, homophobe, racist, fascist, woman-hater, and “literally a Nazi” – incredibly reckless and inflammatory accusations.

But why?

It’s not because it’s good business to alienate the majority of your potential customers (whites, Christians and conservatives), and it’s certainly not because they argue from a position based on facts or hard evidence, as facts simply do not support liberal interpretations of tent-pole issues such as abortion, man-made climate change, gender identity, biological evolution, border security and immigration, in control,  “white-privilege” female oppression, moral relativism, or ideological equality (the idea that all philosophies, religions and belief systems are of equal value).

So, why do it? Why, like Marvel Comics, inject far-left politics into every aspect of their businesses?

Conspiracy theories and clandestine puppet masters notwithstanding, I believe it’s simply because it’s in their nature. They can’t help themselves.

Personalities that pursue careers like acting and singing are especially easy to manipulate, as, above all else, they seek attention and approval. And the quickest route to fulfilling those desires is doing and saying things they believe will please those whose attention they crave – firstly, those higher up the Hollywood food chain; and secondly, a public they do not understand and can not relate to on almost any level.

Of course, not all celebrities fit that bill.

Some desire fortune and power above all else and don’t care how they get it. Morally ambivalent to the issues, they say and do whatever they believe will advance their careers.

Others, in their isolated, poorly-informed states, truly believe they are championing truth and justice, truly righting societal wrongs, and therefore destroying a business or a few “evil” people’s lives is acceptable collateral damage. The most extreme view nothing short of the destruction of western civilization as an acceptable outcome.


Think for yourself. Don’t believe the talking heads. Do your own research. Interpret world events intelligently and thoroughly, with an eye to historical context and biblical prophecy.

Oh, and buy gold.

Apparently, crashing the dollar is a high priority for the subterranean lizard-men pulling the Illuminati’s strings (who pull the strings of world banks, who pull the strings of global food distribution, who pull the strings of the military industrial complex, who pull the strings of governments, who pull the strings of… HOLLYWOOD!)

Cue dramatic music!