RIP Peggy Carter? Never!

Most everyone who cares has probably already heard, but if not *SPOILER WARNING* in addition to dying in the MCU, Peggy Carter’s TV series has also been canceled.

I love Peggy Carter. She’s strong and smart, kicks butt like Captain America, hurls quips like Spider-Man, and effortlessly solves mysteries that would give Batman headaches.

Peggy Carter needs to live. And she deserves her ‘happily ever after’ with Cap.

To make this happen I propose something both near and dear to my heart, and as essential to the superhero genre as peanut butter is to jam: Time Travel!

Cap, or a time-travel-capable ally, can travel back to the moment of (super-old) Peggy’s death and administer a transfusion of Bruce Banner’s blood. The Hulk Blood can revive Peggy, restore her youth and, best of all, introduce She-Hulk to the MCU!

The possibilities from there are endless – hilarious, romantic, and smash-wise.