Ban the Buckle-Bomb! Or Seth Rollins! Or Both!

At WWE’s SummerSlam event this past Sunday, Seth Rollins again injured an opponent with the Buckle-Bomb, a running Power Bomb that launches the opponent into the corner pads.

Seth previously ended the career of (Gack! My favorite wrestler!) Steve “Sting” Borden in a match where the move was employed twice. At SummerSlam, he attempted to Power Bomb his opponent into the crowd control barricade around ringside.

Velocity plays a big part in determining whether or not someone is injured taking the running Buckle-Bomb.

If you watch the replay carefully, Rollins threw his opponent short of the barricade at SummerSlam, making it impossible for his opponent to correctly disperse the impact of the move.

In the case of Sting, Rollins appeared to throw Sting into the corner with far too much force, causing Sting’s head to whiplash when he impacted the corner pads.

Rollins is not in control of the move. Or has no depth perception. Or doesn’t give two entitled millennial eye-rolls about his opponents’ health.

A case can also be made that Rollins is simply a careless wrestler. His previous “Curb Stomp” finisher was abandoned because it was too dangerous; and he famously rearranged John Cena’s face with sloppy flying knee.

So, ban the move or ban Rollins. Pro wrestling is dangerous enough without someone not committed to, or not capable of, protecting his or her opponents.


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