Finding a new Doctor, or, how to go insane in one simple step.

My family doctor retired just before Christmas last year. Since then, I’ve had a terrible time finding a competent and trustworthy  doctor that also speaks somewhat decipherable English, and doesn’t want to probe the @#*! out of me in order to ‘confirm’ what has already been extensively tested and documented.

More and more, I find doctors are treating patients like things, curiosities, not people that (shockingly) may not want to undergo humiliating, invasive and painful testing just to satisfy their curiosity.

If new symptoms arise, or if current treatments become ineffective, then, yes, further exploration would be appropriate. Until then, I say, “Hands off my sexy, sexy body!” Being a sick dude is already traumatic enough with the constant specter of a mechanized probe-bot looming in the shadows.


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