Roman Reigns: Cheaty Pants or The Smartest Man In Wresting?

Roman Reigns wrestles in a tactical vest.


One would think that the oft referenced WWE rulebook (which contains such gems as the thirty day mandatory title defense rule – only to be enforced when a fan favorite character is in possession of a championship)  would have some guidelines concerning appropriate ring attire.

Even the most eccentric characters, like Sting and The Undertaker, generally stick to some variation of spandex tights and traditional wrestling boots decorated to accentuate their personas. The fact that such awesome sauce weirdos would wear spandex in the ring  instead of something (arguably) more fitting with their personas would suggest there are indeed guidelines concerning ring attire.

Therefore, we’re left with two options concerning good old Roman Reigns and his ring gear:

  1. Body armor is illegal, and he simply  doesn’t give two pouty smirks what the rules say because he’s a big ‘ol cheaty pants.
  2. The other option, of course, is that body armor is perfectly legal in a WWE ring, Roman Reigns is a genius for wearing it, and everyone that chooses to go into battle wearing itty-bitty bikini briefs is an utter and complete idiot.

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