Redeeming Anakin

When I’m not writing books, maintaining my precarious physical health, or engaged in the things of God, I’m usually catching some much needed R&R with one of my three favorite pastimes: Pro Wrestling, Star Wars or Superman. I’ve blogged about wresting and superheroes, so it’s time to give Star Wars it’s due.

Anakin Skywalker.

Thanks to the phenomenal Clone Wars animated series,  I love Anakin. The series did the seemingly impossible after George Lucas introduced us to the annoying snot of the prequels: it made Anakin a likable hero that was easy to root for.

Unless you’re completely new to the planet, you know that honorable Jedi Knight Anakin eventually goes full-on Dark Side Sith lord, becoming Darth Vader, scourge of the galaxy.

Yeah, I’m not accepting that.

What if…

When the Emperor realizes that he can’t woo Anakin to the Dark Side, he has him kidnapped and replaced with a clone – a clone that believes he is Anakin, but has been tweaked just enough so as to make him susceptible to the Emperor’s manipulations and eventual wooing to the Dark Side. This cloned Anakin would be the Anakin that becomes Darth Vader and turns everyone and everything he loves to dust as he rages across the galaxy. The real Anakin would be locked away deep in a Sith temple, and dangerous as he is, has been placed in stasis to prevent him from escaping.  A newly freed Anakin could join up with Rey, Finn, and the rest of cast in the current feature film franchise to topple the reinvigorated Empire.

Now, if we can just keep Ahsoka alive on Star Wars Rebels…