Your choices matter

We are all the author and main character in the story of our lives.

We choose whether we are going to respond to the circumstances, people and passions that touch our lives us as sinners or saints; victims or overcomers; heroes or villains.

And make no mistake, there are no small choices. The effects of words and deeds, large and small, hastily taken or well-considered, create ripples that echo throughout time and eternity.

The realization that there are many more moving parts to life and existence, levels of depth and beauty and heartache between the lines of our stories than first believed, can be overwhelming. Knowing that choices and attitudes have far-reaching effects on your fellow man and the world around you, should give pause to anyone with a functioning conscience.

The good news – which allows Christians to not only function but thrive under the weight and responsibility with which we’ve been entrusted – is that the Great Author of our lives, the Creator of all,  is waiting, willing, and able to take our good choices and make them grand, and to turn our mistakes into triumphs.

Whether you are muddling through the mundane or adventuring the extraordinary today, I encourage you to step back, take a breath, and recognize that it is all significant in the eyes of the Author. There is meaning and beauty and joy at the end of the darkest streets, we simply need to keep moving forward, making the best choices we can, and trusting Jesus with the results.