Supergirl crashes and burns

Supergirl the series is a total dumpster fire.

What’s gone wrong?

For starters, the writers have abandoned storytelling in favor of political soapboxing.

To be fair, the writers, illogical goofballs that they are, will drop a loose framework and just enough story elements into an episode to maintain the appearance of a functioning television series, but only after they’ve crammed in every cause in the Social Justice Warrior/Feminism/Liberalism/Alphabet People cry-book.

Worse yet, they’ve surrounded Supergirl with a terrible supporting cast.

Supergirl’s secret-agent sister, Alex, is the worse of the worst. Last year she couldn’t go a single episode without an emotional breakdown and prolonged crying fit. This year, she has thrown herself headfirst into ‘exploring her sexuality’ – to the detriment of everything and everyone else. It has literally become her only character trait. She can’t even do her job anymore because she’s too distracted thinking ’bout her new love interest. How did such a scatter-brained nitwit ever manage to become a doctor and secret-agent in the first place? And why, oh why, if we must be subjected to a romance on a superhero show, does it not involve the title character!?

Then we’ve got the Martian Man-Hunter. John Jones is no prize either, but he’s about the best of SG’s terrible friends. Unlike Alex, at least he can still function at his job while his personal dramas are unfolding. Sadly, the dude is stuck in a never-ending cycle of kinda/sorta/maybe, yep for sure, maybe not, yes definitely, wanting to die. I get it, the murder of his wife and kids was terrible, but the guy is over two-hundred years old. At some point people need to move on. And they do. Or they get on with it and commit suicide. Either way, he’s a one note song that needs to go back to being a bad @$$ superhero.

Jimmy Olsen. He’s basically a yes-man, agreeing that anyone that doesn’t see SG’s inherent awesomeness is totes mean and blind and probably a racist, conservative bigot. Especially Supergirl’s new boss, who, like, totally wants her to actually do a good job. Adopting the heroic Guardian persona could have been a boon to Jimmy’s story, unfortunately, the whole storyline seems designed solely as source of conflict between him and beta-male wiener Winn.

And speaking of Winn, good gravy. The guy is a doormat. He’s like an old ally cat happy to take any abuse thrown his way so long as he gets a few table scraps out of it. My deepest, darkest fear is that Winn helping Jimmy bash skulls as Guardian is leading to a romance. But that’s modern Hollywood thinking isn’t it? If your not successful with the opposite sex, it’s the “Universe” telling you that you’re gay. If Jimmy or Winn become the first pregnant man, I’m blaming Supergirl for breaking their respective hearts… and for inevitably performing the fist abortion on a dude with her heat vision.

Won’t someone think of the kids!?

Kids adore superheroes. And Supergirl has courted the kiddies harder than any other superhero show on television, specifically little girls. Supergirl could have been a strong and kind, brave and funny female rolemodel; standing up for Truth and Justice and doing the right thing. Instead, kids get weekly Lessons in the liberal left’s confused, delusional, morally ambiguous, hate-filled, perverted, exclusionary ideology. They get enough of that in the public schools.

Supergirl, and the entire CW-DC universe of shows, would be well-served if they would let the kids (and everyone else) simply enjoy a fun Superhero show and leave the sexual identity/feminism/SJW politics to their parents to unpack – the people who should be deciding if and when their children are ready to be introduced the issues and weirdness and darkness of the world.

Kids deserve to dream and be kids. And a superhero show is the ideal spark to ignite imaginations.


Your choices matter

We are all the author and main character in the story of our lives.

We choose whether we are going to respond to the circumstances, people and passions that touch our lives us as sinners or saints; victims or overcomers; heroes or villains.

And make no mistake, there are no small choices. The effects of words and deeds, large and small, hastily taken or well-considered, create ripples that echo throughout time and eternity.

The realization that there are many more moving parts to life and existence, levels of depth and beauty and heartache between the lines of our stories than first believed, can be overwhelming. Knowing that choices and attitudes have far-reaching effects on your fellow man and the world around you, should give pause to anyone with a functioning conscience.

The good news – which allows Christians to not only function but thrive under the weight and responsibility with which we’ve been entrusted – is that the Great Author of our lives, the Creator of all,  is waiting, willing, and able to take our good choices and make them grand, and to turn our mistakes into triumphs.

Whether you are muddling through the mundane or adventuring the extraordinary today, I encourage you to step back, take a breath, and recognize that it is all significant in the eyes of the Author. There is meaning and beauty and joy at the end of the darkest streets, we simply need to keep moving forward, making the best choices we can, and trusting Jesus with the results.