Dear screamy SJWs, wailing celebrities, and riot-happy no-good-nicks…

Different people have different opinions. Every person ever will not agree with you on every single topic. Every single person is different, a wholly unique soul, with their own favorite colors and foods and TV shows and thoughts on topics and what-not.

If you can’t stand the fact that people exist that think and believe differently than you, then you are the problem.

If you’re serious about making the world a better place for future generations, try showing someone you disagree with a bit of that ‘tolerance and respect’ you’re always demanding people extend you and your weirdo friends. Instead of going ballistic on anyone that doesn’t agree with your nonsense, try to see an issue from someone else’s perspective. Do some research (science and facts and truth are your friends). You might learn something. You might even make a friend.

It is everyone’s God-given right not to accept or affirm anyone else’s beliefs, opinions or lifestyle. We don’t have agree on much at all. We just have extend each other a little respect and agree to live together peaceably,  and that is infinitely do-able.


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