Hey! Ho! Justin Trudeau must go!

Justin Trudeau has proven himself profoundly corrupt and completely unqualified to be the Prime Minister of Canada.

He cares more about jet-setting like a Hollywood celebrity, and impressing the United Nations and other hard-left leaders and globalist organizations, than he does about the safety, security and prosperity of Canada.

Between extravagant vacations enjoyed on the taxpayers’ dime and posing for selfies, JT has driven Canadians out of work, broken campaign promises, and sabotaged our major industries  –  the energy industry being especially hard hit.

JT funnels millions upon millions into other nations while ignoring the sick, elderly, homeless and veterans here at home.

JT has decreed that a steep carbon tax should be applied to… pretty much everything. Because almost every industry in the modern world produces carbon in some form or another.

The Canadian government has put forth a law will make it illegal to so much as criticize, CRITIZE, the tenants and practices a certain favored belief system.

JT’s open-doors immigration/refugee policy, however, is without question the most imminent threat to Canadian culture, prosperity and freedoms.

Immigration has been described as a melting pot, a grand stew of peoples, flavors and cultures. Just as the correct ingredients must be carefully chosen to prepare an appetizing stew, potential immigrants must be carefully chosen to ensure they will blend harmoniously with the ingredients already in the pot.

Canadians should not be afraid to walk through their neighborhoods, gather in public spaces, or let their children play outside. That this is even an issue is entirely on JT’s shoulders. He has the power to protect the population form the chaos gripping Europe and much of the rest of the world.

Sadly, Justin Trudeau doesn’t seem to care that Canadians are afraid to attend services at their churches or synagogues, that our children are being sexually assaulted in shopping malls and schools, that women are being kidnaped, imprisoned, and raped in our small towns!

Make no mistake, the desire of civilized men should always be to help those in need, but this must never take precedence over the safety, security and prosperity of one’s own family, community, and country. Put simply, Canada and her citizens must come first; she must remain a bastion of freedom and safety for all civilized people desiring to live peacefully.

As long as Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister Canada will be in constant peril, teetering on the edge of destruction like so many great civilizations that have come before.


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