Christian Heritage Month

With months devoted to recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women, various ethnic groups, and more, it is way past time that we devote a month to celebrating Christians and Christianity.

Christianity is the foundation of western society – the freest, most peaceful, charitable, healthy, just, and inclusive society the world has ever known.

Christianity champions freedom of thought, religion and expression. Justice, truth and responsibly. Stewardship of the environment and innovation.

Christianity recognizes the inherent value of all human life and affirms the equality of all – regardless of race, gender, or anything else.

Science, philosophy, technology, medicine, the arts, and law all flourish because our Judeo-Christian foundation encourages and supports thinkers, innovators, dreamers, and creators.

Simply put, where Christianity goes, society flourishes. Lives improve. Peace reigns.

This should be honored.

We have entire generations that have only seen themselves portrayed as history’s villains – which could not be further from the truth.

We can do better. And we should. We can start now.


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