Have babies. Save the world.

To my childless Christian brothers and sisters: Have babies! Have lots of them! Have them now!

No less than the fate of the world depends on you raising good, godly families.

North America is under attack. Time-tested Judeo-Christian values – the foundation of every, peaceful, healthy, just and advanced society the world has known – are being swept aside in favor of profoundly wicked, flawed and perverse ideologies. Ideologies that not only condone and encourage, but actively engage in, abominable acts like pedophilia; rape; torture; genital mutilation; mass murder; enslavement; suppression of thought and speech; kidnapping; forced conversion of non-adherents; child marriage; inbreeding; terrorism; demanding the unconditional acceptance and affirmation of destructive sexual and identity disorders as ‘safe and normal’; state funded mass-murder of the unborn; suppression of dissenting speech and scientific evidence contradicting the state’s official position on climate change, evolution, abortion, and the mass-immigration of self-declared enemies of western civilization.

Simply stated, it’s a numbers issues. And the good guys are losing.

Christians simply aren’t having children these days. The result of this – often selfish – decision, is that good and honest people will soon be outnumbered by the cruel and lawless. If that happens, Canada and the United States will fall. The civilized world will crumble.

So, my friends, for the sake of the world, raise large, godly families. Instill in your children values like peace, compassion, justice, honesty, truth, honor and dignity. In doing so, you will literally be saving their lives and the lives of untold billions.

It’s hard, I know. Believe me, I know – Illness, injuries and age (I just waved goodbye to my thirties) have very likely robbed me of the chance to raise a family – but children are worth it. Make the sacrifices required. Foregoing vacations, eating out, or living in an extra-swanky home are a small price to pay for the boundless joy (and sometimes heartache and worry) children will bring into your life.

Finally, whether you’re able to have kids of your own or not: ADOPT!

No life is a mistake. No child is born outside of God’s will. Love, accept and raise your adopted children like they are your own natural offspring, for truly, all of humanity is connected. We are all decedents of Adam and Eve, and therefore, all share a few common bits and pieces of DNA.

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him… Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. – PSALM 127:3


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