The most hated man in the world is… me?

Five minutes browsing the daily news and I’ve come to one unmistakable conclusion: I am the worst person who ever lived, and maybe ‘literally’ Hitler.

I – and people like me – seem to check every box on the progressive left’s/Social Justice Warrior’s Public Enemies list:







Believe that marriage is a holy institution created by God, and that man has neither the right nor the authority to modify it?

Believe that men and women are different but equal, and that combining those differences creates an unbeatable team?

Pro-Wrestling fan?

Demand science be rooted in fact and the scientific method, thereby rejecting leftist pet theories like molecules-to-man evolution, man-made climate change, and gender fluidity/changeability?

Believe citizens have the right to bear arms (and bare arms in the summer), and defend themselves in equal measure to the force being used against them?


Believe in freedom of thought, speech and religion?

Believe parental rights supersede that of the state’s in raising your children?

Believe things like rape, murder, pedophilia, spousal abuse, theft, extortion, racism, mind-altering drugs, and forced religious conversion are abhorrent and have no place in civilized society?

Believe that borders need to be secure, and that immigrants need to follow immigration laws and be carefully screened?



If you answered YES to most or all of these questions, congratulations, you’re likely a sensible, rational, and well-adjusted person. You’re also leftist Public Enemy #1, so keep your eyes peeled for fascist ANTI-FAscism protesters, militant blue-haired feminists, and traitorous, spineless, ‘progressive’ politicians.

They’re coming for you. They’re coming for all of us!


I’ll be packing and move to Parts Unknown if anyone needs me!


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