Secrets of life # 28

Life does not award participation trophies.

Be smart. Train hard. have courage. Never give up.


Let’s get crazy!

The world has lost it’s collective mind.

Up is down. Good is evil. Cats are marrying dogs. Heck, people are marrying dogs.

Laws are created and enforced based not upon logic, reason and facts, but feelings.

What is a reasonable person to do in such a topsy-turvy bizzaro-world? Well, out crazy the crazies, of course!

Can’t afford university? Simple. Identify as *REDACTED* and enjoy the many perks and benefits not afforded to other Canadians – including free university!

Or maybe you’re having a hard time landing a job? Not a problem. Identify as a disabled, female, “person of color,” and enjoy front of the line consideration for job openings. Anyone tries to tell you otherwise, call them a racist, kick their ass, and claim you’re part of a SJW “Civil Rights Movement” – those dudes can get away with anything.

Got drunk and ran some poor fool down? Worry not. Claim drunk driving is part of your religion. If it works for rape and wife beating and pedophilia and theft and murder, so hit-and-runs shouldn’t be an issue.

Poor? Pfft. Give me a hard one. Identify as a millionaire and demand the government adjust your bank account to reflect your delusions… err… deeply held, sincere beliefs.

Looking old and run down? Identify as 21 and demand regular plastic surgery revisions to reflect your “true” age.

Tired of life as an adult? Identify as eleven and demand to be placed with a (very) Liberal foster family.

Long line at the bathroom, fella? No worries. Since we can now change our gender at will, feel free to sashay into the nearest ladies room and scar some chicks for life.

Heck, claim you’re a freaking alien/elf hybrid from beyond the stars and begin making delusional demands all over town. If anyone calls you on your nonsense, refuses to bake you a pro-trans-species marriage cake, or fails to use your “preferred pronouns,” claim to be the victim of white supremacists, Christian bigots, science deniers, elf/alien-phobes, contact the media, and sue them for everything they’ve got. You may even get you’re own reality show out of it!

Pro Wrestling Is Real, People Are Fake

“Wrestling is fake!” is the condescending insult hurled by those that consider themselves too intelligent for such pedestrian forms of entertainment.

In all forms of fiction, whether diving into a book, binge watching a TV series, or engrossed in a movie, there is a suspension of disbelief.  That’s a flowery way of saying that you stop thinking about actors, directors, camera angles and special effects, and allow the story sweep you away.

If someone can enjoy a big screen battle between Superman and Lex Luthor, (hopefully) knowing full-well that what they’re witnessing is not, in fact, a documentary, then there is no reason they can’t enjoy professional wresting.

Sit back and think about what we’re witnessing on the average professional wrestling show. Outside the ring, characters develop and storylines unfold. Inside the ring, a live, in-person, intricately performed, battle between good guys and guys unfolds – with no stunt doubles, retakes, or CGI hocus-pocus to enhance the “realism.”

Professional wrestling is astonishing!

While it is true that the outcomes of matches are pre-determined and professional wrestlers take care not to injure each other, the laws of physics are not suspended within the squared circle. When a professional wrestler performs a high-flying acrobatic maneuver or an astounding feat of strength, what you’re witness is really happening. Gravity has not been suspended. The human body has not suddenly become invincible or weightless.  The ring is still constructed from wood, steel, foam and canvas.

Figure skaters master a handful of skills, and practice and perform with the same partner year after year. Professional wrestlers master thousands of skills and perform with hundreds of partners over the course of a career.

Football players play a handful of games per year. Professional wrestling has no off-season.

The most prolific actors make one or two movies a year. Television actors max out at around 22 episodes per season. WWE’s Raw brand, for example, airs a new 3-hour episode 52 weeks a year; runs an average 3 live events per week; and airs 12 pay-per-view events per year.

Professional wrestling combines the best of sports and entertainment into one, family friendly, package. It is an art form that deserves respect, every bit as real as any action movie or adventure novel.

So, the next time some one poo-poos your enjoyment of Professional Wrestling, remind them of these facts. And maybe ask them when they last watched a blood-splattered, profanity-filled, sexually-explicit and violent, political-soapboxing, hilariously poorly-acted episode of… well, anything on HBO, really. And them ask them which form of entertainment has more merit.

Secrets of life #27

Social media is a pain killer. It masks the symptoms, but doesn’t treat the infirmity.

Human beings are created for relationship – with God, and each other.

The only permanent cure for loneliness remains real-life connection, communication and friendship.

Secrets of life #26

Children require parents that are neither playmate nor dictator.

They require a firm hand and a wise mind to guide them in the way they should go. A loving heart to comfort them, nurture their creativity, and show them the love of God. And strong arms to teach them the value of hard work, hold them when they’re broken, and protect them from harm.

Secrets of life #25

Contrary to what modern feminists would have you believe, female strength is not found cruelty, foul-mouthed tirades, sexual immorality, man-hating, baby killing, destroying the beauty and uniqueness of womanhood, or living in a perpetual state of offense.

Truly strong women are kind, compassionate, loving, intelligent, forgiving and faithful. They embrace their femininity and cherish the things that make them different from – and a perfect (equal) partner for – men.

Truly strong women achieve not to spite men, but alongside them.

Truly strong women carry themselves with dignity, conduct their lives with honor, and love unconditionally.

Truly strong women elevate us all.