Gun Control

The idea that banning firearms will solve the problem of gun violence is patently absurd.

Bad guys are bad guys specifically because they don’t care about society’s laws or value human life.

Banning firearms only punishes the law-abiding citizens that would obey the law and turn over their guns – the sportsmen, collectors, hunters, and responsible citizens protecting their families.

The scumbags running around murdering people aren’t going turn over their guns because we ask them to, they’re going to capitalize on a newly defenseless citizenry and prey upon us more viciously than ever.

The problem is not guns. The problem is spiritually and morally lost human beings.

If all guns could magically be taken away from everyone – good and bad – at exactly the same moment, the “No more guns!” argument might warrant consideration. As it is, back here in reality, the guns are already out there and there’s no way of undoing that.

Besides, to someone dead-set on doing harm, almost anything can be used as a weapon; cars, trucks, clubs, baseball bats, tire irons, knives, forks, spoons, bananas, plastic bags and packing peanuts – anything.

The best option for the world we live in is for the good guys to be well-trained and well-armed – with weapons equal to those being used against them.

Savages only understand savagery.

The best defense against gun violence is not a self defense course, a rape whistle, or hugs and understanding. It is bad guys knowing there’s a better-than-average chance they’re going to lose their lives if they attempt to take someone else’s.

It’s not a perfect solution, but that’s the world we live in.

The only other option is an unarmed population and a lot more dead bodies.

If the truly evil people of the world don’t fear resistance, thieves will be bolder breaking into houses. Instances of terrorists opening fire in shopping malls, music festivals and other public gatherings will skyrocket. Extremist nut-bags will be far more willing to rape, torture, enslave, murder, and forcibly convert our sons and daughters. Enemy states will likely take the fight to our shores (the main factor in Japan deciding not to invade the United States during WWII was a well-armed American population). Corrupt governments will go unchecked, freely and fearlessly inserting themselves into every aspect our lives – self-determination, freedom of speech, religion, and assembly will all be a thing of the past. Antifa rioters will… well, yeah, it’ll pretty much be business as usual for those losers.

Basically, all of things that suck now will get exponentially worse if we take guns out of the hands of good men and women.

We don’t need gun control. We need self-control. We need a population that understands the value and sanctity of human life.


3 thoughts on “Gun Control

  1. I must say that your post here was the most understandable, clearly presented argument against gun control. Honestly, in the not-so-distant past, I was against guns. Then I moved to an area where it was safer to have one, and I felt safer that there was at least one gun in the house and that I knew how to use it. Your arguments are very sound, and I completely agree. Without the value and respect for the sanctity of human life, ‘we’ will continue to kill off the unwanted (babies and terminally ill, I almost wrote ‘elderly,’ but that’s not even true anymore) and evil men and women will continue to carry out their evil plans to kill whoever. I feel pretty hopeless for our American society in regards to this…but there is HOPE in Jesus Christ!

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    1. Thanks. It seems like obvious observations, but no one was speaking up. Honestly, short of an act of God, I think civil war is inevitable. The divisions between right and left – good and evil – simply run too deep in Canada and the US.


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