Fire Pro World

It’s time for a break. No politics or moral outrage. Only fun.

In case you haven’t heard, Fire Pro Wrestling, the king of pro wrestling video games, made a surprise comeback on Steam (for $20.00 USD!); a PS4 release will follow later this year.

Fire Pro is a Japanese series that focuses heavily on in-ring action and creation modes. The last game, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, was released over ten years ago.

What’s extra-cool this time around is that the developers are taking suggestions for what to include in the full release. So, without further ado, and assuming everything from Fire Pro Returns is included, I present my Fire Pro World wish list:

  1. Arena variants: Able to select an in-game arena and choose the color of floor mats and guardrails/barricade. The arena with the stage and padded barricade around the ring could include options for black, grey and red floor mats and barricade. The arena with the steel guardrails could include an option for silver guardrails and black, red, grey and blue floor mats.
  2. Mix and match guardrail and barricade styles. Ex: Arena one with arena two guard rails and black floor mats.
  3. Color slider-box (like in wrestler edit) for ring edit mode.
  4. Imported logos for use on ring aprons and mats, and company logos.
  5. Inclusion of interactive ladders and tables. Tables can be set up and broken, ladder can be used as a weapon and set up and climbed.
  6. Additional shapes/logos for upper body – Diamond, oval, bat, scorpion, letters, etc.
  7. Three color belts – like the arm bands, except with a thicker middle portion.
  8. Single arm tattoos.
  9. Removable shirt or skin-tight shirt for females.
  10. Drip/angle design for tights – something in between Scott Hall and Dean Malenko’s WCW designs.
  11. Fist tape.
  12. Light tubes attached to two of the tables in barbed wire match – exactly the same as FPR.
  13. An outdoor arena.
  14. Chest hair.
  15. Skirts/kilts for Wrestler edit.

See ya in the ring!


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