Musical Word Association

Time for some fun.

For each genre of music listed, record the first thing that pops into your head. Share your results with your friends and family for a laugh.

Avant-Garde: I don’t know what this is. I assume it has something to do with modern art, pretentions people, and cigarette holders.

Blues: Smoky night clubs. Trumpet players in turtlenecks and sport coats. Soul patches. Deep, deep depression.

Children’s: Annoying repetitive sounds. Creepy people in bright clothing. Bizarre, possibly murderous, cartoon characters.

Classical: Beautiful. Skillful. Formal clothing. What Heaven sounds like.

Christian: Worship. Goosebumps. Communion.

Country: Pickup trucks. Bikini tops and Daisy Dukes. Beer. Broken relationships.

Easy Listening: Forests. Tinkling bells. Saxophones.

Electronic: Pounding base. Sticky, over-sexed weirdos. Every song sounds the same.

Folk: Hippies. Incense. Protesting everything. Sitting on the ground.

Heavy Metal: Hair spray. The occult. Tassels and tight pants. Lots of screaming. Body odor. Zebra print. Eye liner.

Jazz: Slightly less depressed Blues singers.

Latin: Sexy chicks in minimal clothing shaking their butts. Carnival. Lucha Lirbre.

New Age: Wealthy hippies tripping through the cosmos. Transcendental meditation.

Pop: Empty calories. Crap tons of plastic surgery. Soulless. 50% of all pop lyrics are the word “Baby.” Phony people desperate for attention.

R&B: Silk shirts. Boys trying to pick up chicks. Harmony. Gold chains. Matching clothes.

Rap: Pimps and Hos. Shirtless dudes. $$$. Anger. Sex. Obnoxious thugs. Gangs. Drugs. Guns. Sketchy dudes wearing baggy pants that make them look like toddlers that have pooped themselves.

Reggae: Pot heads. Bright colors. 35 minute songs. Steel drums.

Rock and Roll: Leather. Fast cars. Short life-spans.

Show tunes/Musicals: Straight man poison. Irritating. Sparkly clothes. Dance numbers.


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