wHOopS! We broke the world!

Rough premise for a Sci-Fi Shoot-em-up.

Long ago, in a time before space travel and world conquering, a revered C’mec prophet delivered the word of their great and wrathful god to his people; a glorious vison of future triumph, an endless C’mec kingdom. At the appointed time, the C’mec, rightful rulers of the galaxy and all that dwell therein, would lay eyes upon emissaries from their promised homeland. A bountiful world full of subjects and slaves, which, once subdued, would be the eternal celestial home of the C’mec and their god.

2154 AD. Mankind has mastered space travel. Scarcely a year into our exploration of the Final Frontier, our journey to the stars has brought us face to with alien life. Not single-celled pond-sludge either, honest-to-goodness sentient humanoids.

Found dying and warring amongst themselves, on a barren world not their own, one of dozens they had conquered endlessly marching through the stars in search of their promised homeland, the C’mec were on an inevitable path to extinction. Left to their own devices, it was only a matter of time before they would be no more.

The C’mec proudly presented the earth men their holy tablets (the unchangeable, inspired word of their god, agreed upon by all C’mec factions), and shared lore of their storied history.  Promising that, despite their holy tablets’ admonitions to wage war, concur unbelievers, and enslave all the worlds they encountered, it was but a few radicals amongst their numbers that pursed that path. Most were peace-loving.

Mankind extended the hand of friendship and helped the C’mec construct a bridge across the stars, through which they could move their dying race to Earth and live peaceably amongst humanity, as brothers.

As is the process of such things, the C’mec arrived through the gate slowly, over many years.

Decades passed.

C’mec and humanity lived side-by-side on earth for many years. The C’mec built temples to their god, practiced their religion, and had babies. There were isolated incidences of C’mec aggression – rape, murder, honor killings, pedophilia, abduction, torture, theft, vandalism, desecration of non-C’mec religious sites – but those were attributed to cultural differences and post-traumatic stress resulting from the hard lives the C’mec had led.

Human voices rose, warning of what they had learned of the C’mec and their beliefs, the directives enshrined on their holy tablets. Warning of the tactics they had used to conquer other worlds, the death and destruction left in their wake. Those voices were swiftly silenced, pronounced bigots, racists, hateful fear-mongers, and human isolationists.

Slowly but surely, the unconditional acceptance and affirmation of C’mec customs and beliefs was not only encouraged, but legislated by human governments around the globe. While freedom of speech technically existed in many nations, it was limited to views that supported the government’s position.

And then it happened. Humanity was suddenly a minority on its own planet.

As they had done on every world they had visited, hoping that our Earth was their promised homeland, that by conquering our planet they would finally guarantee eternity with their god, the C’mec went to war.

Had our governments listened to the “bigots” and “alarmists,” studied the admonitions to wage war on unbelievers and subdue worlds in the C’mec holy tablets, the streets of our shining cities would not be piled high with the bodies of humans, our history and art and monuments would not lay in ruins, our species would not have been driven from our world.

The shattered remnant of humanity now fights to survive among the stars, gathering resources and allies amongst survivors from other worlds the C’mec have devastated. Hoping and praying that we last long enough to return to our world and take it back; that there’s a world left for us to return to.


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