Is SJW Liberalism a mental disorder?

I recently posted a comment on a Twitter about the CW DC shows and their penchant for political soapboxing.

What followed is, sadly, standard Social Justice Warrior behavior.

LIBERAL LOGICUntil these boys and girls can be deprogramed, the hatred, violence and intolerance of the extreme-left will only intensify.

They’ve been taught to see everyone that doesn’t unconditionally accept and affirm their worldview as pure evil – racists, bigots, islamophobes, homophobes, anti-woman, and literally Hitler – a worldview that leaves little room for discussion or debate.

Show the SJWs you encounter the love (and patience) of Christ. Pray for them. Tolerate and respectfully disagree with them. Counter their rhetoric, ignorance, violence and deep ‘feels’ with truth and logic and facts.

Just remember to protect yourself and not expect the same in return.


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