Mixed Emotions

My older brother was killed in a single-vehicle car accident shorty after midnight on Saturday morning.

The police report that the car he was traveling in was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed when it crashed into the crossing arm standard at a railroad crossing.

Thankfully, my brother wasn’t driving.

It’s horrible and sad and gut-wrenching thinking about the catastrophic injuries that ended his life.

Those emotions make sense to me. What doesn’t make sense is the anger I feel.

My brother, a gifted natural athlete, chose a very destructive course for his life. From childhood, he was cruel, manipulative, selfish, reckless and violent. He loved booze and drugs and chaos more than his own family. Certainly more than me.

And I loved him anyways. Fiercely.

Even when he broke off contact with the rest of our family for months or years at a time. Even when ran with gangs and pumped his body full of poison. Even when I knew he was suddenly talking to me or my parents again only because he wanted to shake us down for money or favors.

Love is weird like that, I guess.

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

I’m not angry about that stuff, though. I’ve known who my brother was for decades – ever since he was lighting garbage cans on fire in the back alley, beating me up for giggles, and being brought home by the cops as a kid. What makes me so angry about this is situation is that it never had to happen.

Neither my brother nor the driver of the car were wearing seatbelts. And even if they were, reports the police officer assigned to the case, neither of them would have survived the crash.  That’s how fast they were going –  fast enough to kill on impact. On a country road. In the middle of the night.

I’ve struggled with heath issues for years. Fought and scrapped for another day. For enough time to complete my life’s work.

My brother was blessed with phenomenal heath and boundless energy. The only thing that ever held him back was him. I hoped and prayed that he would get his life on track and put that potential to good use one day. God knows my parents heaped more effort and love and forgiveness on that man than any reasonable person could expect.

That’s never going to happen now. None of it.

I’m never going to sit with my brother on the back porch one day as friends. As brothers. With nothing but unconditional love between us.

And dammit, it hurts.

That’s it.

Love. Forgive. Cherish life. Don’t take reckless chances.

I hope you’ve finally found peace, brother.

Love. Always.




My problem with Evolution

My problem with evolution is not that it would destroy my Christian faith were it to be true, for only a fool would suppose that an infinite God could not use whatever mechanism He saw fit to complete His creation.

My problem with evolution is simply that it is not true.

Evolution is not supported by facts or evidence. It is an unprovable fairytale that has passed from the realm of scientific theory to religious belief.

Is our culture of sexual promiscuity creating pedophiles?

A recently exposed Hollywood pedophile claimed that what attracts him to his victims is a child’s innocence and purity.

Make no mistake, purity has always been attractive. Remaining a virgin until marriage has always (and rightly so) been highly regarded, especially amongst Christians, as Christians truly understand that sex is far more than a simple physical act or ‘adult play.’ The value of entering marriage without sexual, emotional or spiritual baggage cannot be overstated.

In an age of rampant sexual promiscuity and appalling depravity, sexual purity and innocence of any kind becomes harder and harder to come by.

Whatever darkness ultimately compels pedophiles to commit their abominable crimes – be it chemical, crossed wiring, or malevolent spiritual influences – the effect culture plays in encouraging them in their actions must be considered.

As morals become looser and looser, as even the most destructive and dangerous sexual acts are labeled ‘safe and natural’ and encouraged by schools and the state, as pre-pubescent children are routinely sexualized in the media and encouraged to ‘explore their sexual identify’, whatever walls that previously held a potential pedophile’s wicked inclinations at bay would naturally crumble.

Our culture is very likely complicit in creating these monsters, or at the very least, enabling and encouraging them to act.

Fortunately, it’s not impossible to change course, to turn back the tide of wickedness and depravity eating the soul of our society and placing our kids in danger. All we need is people will lead and act.

Are you brave enough to stand up and change the culture, to suffer the slings and arrows of a society gripped in madness?

Atheists’ hatred proves Christianity’s authenticity

The reason atheists rail so hard against Christianity, is because Christianity is true.

They ignore other religions because they know that those religions pose no threat to their world-view or agenda.

Christianity’s authenticity is supported by innumerable proofs, including history, archeology, biology, astronomy and physics – all of the sciences; millions of redeemed lives; thriving Christian civilizations; artistic, musical and literary achievement; medical advancement; miracles, signs and wonders. No other religion or belief system can boast these proofs.

The heart of man was created for fellowship with God, and whether atheists will admit it or not, the deepest, most sacred parts of them know this to be true.

In their hopeless, never-ending struggle to discredit and defame Christianity, in their bitter hatred for God and His followers, atheists are simply reinforcing confidence in the very thing they despise.

“Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.” – Luke 6:22

Secrets of Life #66

The absence of a heartbeat is universally recognized as physical death. It is the height of hypocrisy and human arrogance for the presence of a heartbeat not to be considered life.

Make no mistake, abortion, in all of its forms, at any stage of development, ends a life. It is murder; a violation of the most sacred of Heaven’s laws; an insult to the Creator of life; a profound evil born in the depths of hell.


Secrets of life #64

God forbids certain behaviors not because He is cruel or hateful, but because those behaviors are destructive.

It is not temptation that condemns, but action.

Whether tempted by sexual sin, drunkenness, or anything else that wounds body and soul, God always provides a way out.

We are not slaves to desire. We can choose which impulses to indulge and which to ignore.