Pro Wrestling as an Olympic sport? Heck, yeah!

I’m a life-long fan of Professional Wrestling, and a former professional wrestler. I know full-well what goes into being a top-level performer, and I believe it’s high time that the best of the best inside the squared circle were recognized for their skill, dedication and athleticism.

The Olympic games – the gold standard of sport – is the ideal place to give wrestlers the recognition they deserve.

But… but… the fakeness!?!?!

Are rhythmic gymnastics or trampoline or figure skating fake? Of course not. Neither is pro wrestling.

Figure skaters take the ice knowing what tricks they’re going to perform and work together to tell a compelling, skillfully executed story. The chapters of their story – be it a romance, a rivalry, a tongue-in-cheek dance – are already written. They’re not judged on who emerges victorious from the rivalry, they’re judged on the level of difficulty of the skills they perform, how well those skills are executed, and how well they’ve told the story through their acting and athleticism.

I propose a hybrid of the figure skating/gymnastics models be adapted to pro wrestling.

  • A duo of male and female wrestlers would be chosen to represent their individual countries.
  • The  selected wrestlers would work with their coaches to construct a ten-minute performance to showcase their best skills in the framework of a traditional pro wrestling match – with a winner and loser, and a beginning, middle, and end.
  • A panel of judges would award points to the various teams factoring in the degree of difficulty of the skills they perform, how well those skills are executed, and how believably the match is presented.

Pro Wrestling becoming an Olympic sport is about as likely to happen as an SJW Liberal activist calmly, logically, and respectfully expressing him/her/itself, but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities.

Diversity is ruining Marvel (and the world, and everything you love)

There’s a huge push in MARVEL for “diversity.” In this case, “diversity” is code for the wholesale elimination or vilification of straight, white, Christian, conservative and male characters.

For example:

The original Captain America (Steve Rogers) is now a Nazi scumbag, replaced by a black dude with the all the thrilling personality traits of a potato. UPDATE: Steve Rogers is dead (again). The new Spider-Man killed him with one punch.

Spider-Man has been replaced by a half black/half Hispanic. He’s a lot like Peter Parker, except without that racist white skin.

Thor has been replaced by a woman. She’s extremely groan-worthy, but she’s also white, so I’m sure she’ll be killed-off soon enough.

Hulk is now a typically annoying SJW millennial. He’s also Asian (does it even matter when he’s green most of the time?), unlike that racist white guy Bruce Banner.

Captain Marvel is a militant, ultra-masculine, far-left SJW feminist – as are almost all female Marvel characters. She-Hulk, Jean Grey, Mockingbird, etc. etc. etc.

Ms. Marvel is a middle brown (not Methodist – Canadian government approved spelling), whose entire book is a super-racist dumpster fire.

Hawkeye is now a comically pro-homosexuality chick.

Black Widow is dead, God rest her soul.

Luke Cage (one of my all-time favorites, dangit!) is now a spineless, humorless, emasculated wiener. Apparently, being not-white doesn’t override being a dude on the SJW victimization scale, therefore, Luke had to be neutered.  Because a likable, butt-kicking male is too triggering.

Squirrel Girl is a developmentally challenged five-year-old living the dumpy, appallingly ugly body of a twenty-year-old woman.

Wolverine has been replaced by a girl.

Renowned ladies man, Ice-Man, is now gay. Extremely, extremely gay.

Iron-Man is dead, replaced by a sociopathic black girl whose only personality traits are that she’s black, a chick, profoundly incompetent, and therefore a victim of the white male patriarchy.

Black Panther and Storm have formed an all-black, all-racist, team that believes white people living in Harlem is an invasion that must be stamped out – by any means necessary.

America Chavez is an obnoxious SJW lesbian alien pretending to be a Hispanic woman.

Seriously, there are dozens more examples.

If this was truly about an accurate representation of North American society then roughly 75% of characters should be white and Christian. Slightly less than 3% should be LGBT. 13% should be black. Etc.

And that shouldn’t be a problem. For anyone.

If I watch a Japanese movie, I expect 99% of the cast to be comprised of Japanese people living and working in a Japanese society, with Japanese cultures and traditions. That’s what makes it fun: Experiencing a different culture. I don’t want to see a Japanese movie with races, sexes, and sexual proclivities perfectly balanced amongst the cast. It’s not real. And it’s not fun.

This is about one thing, and one thing only: Perpetuating a subversive militant-leftist political agenda. That’s why every “heroic” Marvel character is a pro-abortion, anti-trump, anti-Christianity, anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight, anti-marriage, ultra-liberal, pro-communism, socialist.

If there is truly a demand for a transgendered, new-age, all-races but white, shrill, hippie, communist character, create it, and let it succeed or fail on it’s own. Fundamentally changing established characters, or outright killing or replacing them, is a losing proposition for everyone.

If tolerance and respect are really ideals Marvel cares about, they’ll start tolerating and respecting everyone – not just those that unconditionally affirm and accept their poisonous, bigoted, destructive, militant-leftist politics.

I’ll leave the final word to Stan Lee:


Secrets of life #43

Whatever you search for on the internet – from kittens and cute babies to Spider-Man costumes to high-protein snack foods – there’s a mathematical certainty that some pervert has already created corresponding porn site.

Surf with care… and an eye-wash station nearby.

What if…

The annual San-Diego Comic-Con is this weekend. Thousands of cosplayers will be attending dressed as their favorite movie, comic book and video game characters.

What if… the raging SJW’s, Antifa thugs, BLM hooligans, and topless, body-painted feminists rioting in the streets and reeking havoc around the world aren’t complete psychos? What if they’re just cosplayers that took their *larping too far?

Justice demands they be held accountable for their many crimes, but maybe there’s a glimmer of hope? Maybe they’re just playing characters? Maybe they’re not as hateful and violent and intolerant as they seem? Maybe they can leave professional victimhood and thuggery behind and grow and learn and become solid, productive members of society?


*Larping refers to Live Action Role-Playing. It’s like a Civil War reenactment but with space monsters or medieval knights or orcs and trolls and wizards and whatnot. It can get weird.