Resuscitating WWE NXT

NXT, WWE’s developmental territory-turned-second-tier touring brand has a major problem: It’s fifty-percent meh.

The shining stars of the NXT brand are the women. They are generally highly-skilled wrestlers, performing unique characters, with strong fan followings.

The ‘meh’ half of NXT is the male roster. Not all, but most, of the male wrestlers on the brand fit into one of three categories:

Sub-par retreads of previous characters like laughably bad CM Punk/Undertaker/Gangrel/Kane mash-up Allister Black, and hyper-sexualized Orland Jordan/Gorgeous George/Adrian Street/Adrian Adonis/Goldust hybrid Velveteen Dream.

Lower mid-carders that are generally skilled wrestlers but such generic/bland characters that they are destined to be lost in the shuffle if they’re ever moved up to the main roster. Roderick Strong, Miller and Thorne, Fish and O’Reilly are prime examples.

Young guns and seasoned pros that are ready for the main roster like Eric Young, Drew McIntyre, Dozovic and Knight, Pete Dunne, and Tyler Bate.

The solution?

NXT should be transformed into an all-women’s brand.

There’s already too many excellent female wrestlers to feature on  Raw, Smackdown and NXT. Add in the glut of terrific women wrestlers plying their trade on the independents, and you’ve got more than enough stars to comprise an exclusively female brand.

Women are a big deal in the main stream media right now. Announcing an all female brand (featuring genuinely deserving talents) would be a PR boon. That the women selected for the roster are there because they’ve earned their spots, not simply because of their gender, is a great message to send WWE’s large youth audience.

The male wrestlers not ready for the main brand could easily be loaned out to Ring of Honor, New Japan or other upper level companies for seasoning or repackaging.


Mysteries of Existence #13

If you ever feel like you have nothing to be thankful for, spend twenty-minutes in a room full of teenagers.

You’ll be thanking God for your fully-developed brain, balanced hormones, and clear skin in no time.

Mysteries of Existence #13

Darkness abhors nothing more than light.

When you see people so terribly offended by Christian monuments, a crucifix around someone’s neck, a child reading a bible in a classroom, or a cross atop a church steeple that they demand it be removed, they are confirming what the believer in Christ already knows: Jesus Christ is alive and active, changing hearts and minds, redeeming souls and driving out darkness.

Were it not so, Christian monuments would be no more offensive than the Acropolis in Athens, the Karnak temple complex in Egypt, the Pantheon in Rome, the Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, or the Ajanta caves in India.

Christian institutions are relentlessly attacked because Christianity is the singular source of light in a dark universe. Without the light of Christ, nothing would remain to impede the spread of darkness to every corner of creation.

Do not extinguish your light in the name of tolerance or anything else. Do not surrender our history and national heritage to revisionists and deconstructionists. Do not dishonor our founding fathers or the faith that inspired them to establish our great nation. Do not let the blood shed defending our way of life be shed in vain.

Mysteries of Existence #12

Experiencing, reflecting and creating beauty is essential to the well-being of humanity, for beauty is born of the heart of God.

Beauty is the product of excellence, the evidence of an ordered creation and a loving God.

Ugliness is the product of chaos. Disorder. Hatred. Cruelty. Apathy. And immorality.

We are all born with the potential for beauty. It begins with kindness, faithfulness and good character. Nurtured and cultivated, it is manifest in loving care for our bodies –  healthy living, careful grooming and good hygiene; in the work of our hands; and the lives we touch.

Seek beauty in yourself and others. In nature, art and music. In scripture and worship. Experience it. Appreciate it. And don’t apologize.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Aviary Photo_131648563803966031.png

Test everything

There are a lot of religions and ideologies out there:

Christianity. Buddhism. [REDACTED]. Conservatism. Liberalism. Hinduism. Judaism. Evolutionism. Humanism. Sikhism. Atheism. Socialism. Communism. Etc. Etc. Etc.

It can be hard to know what’s good, what’s evil, and what’s plain old crazy.

To help compare and contrast the various belief systems, check the religion or ideology of your choice against this list.

Does the religion or ideology…

  • Offer free salvation?
  • Encourage adherents to love their neighbors, bless those who persecute them, and pray for their enemies?
  • Encourage or condone torture, rape, child marriage/pedophilia or slavery?
  • Forbid self-destructive acts like suicide, self-mutilation, harmful sexual acts, and drunkenness?
  • Champion logic and reason; sexual morality; patriotism; equality of the sexes and races; artistic creativity; law and order; innovation; stewardship of the environment; scientific innovation and society building?
  • Cultivate virtuous behaviors like charity and humanitarian aid?
  • Encourage hatred and/or violence and cruelty towards non-adherents?
  • Expand by forced conversion or military conquest?
  • Hold up under academic scrutiny (including scientific and historic accuracy of claims in holy texts/manifestos)?
  • Encourage cleanliness and good hygiene?
  • Permit freedom of speech, thought movement?
  • Seek to silence critics and opposing viewpoints?
  • Approve of abortion?
  • Offer a clear path to salvation and 100% assurance of your eternal destination (where you will go/what will happen after you die)?
  • Permit Revision of history, manipulation of data or lying?
  • Require membership dues or ongoing acts to be performed in order secure salvation/membership?
  • Condone or encourage theft, beheadings, sex slavery, spousal abuse, genital mutilation, or death to apostates and unbelievers?
  • Permit the destruction of antiquities or monuments belong to another culture?
  • Seek world domination?
  • Seek severe reduction in the number of human beings inhabiting our planet?
  • Engauge in psychological manipulation or furtive propaganda (promote agenda-beliefs in mass-media, schools, etc.) ?
  • Worship inanimate objects like statues or idols?
  • Worship or ascribe human characteristics to animals or nature?
  • Care for widows, orphans, veterans, the infirmed and the elderly?
  • Encourage fiscal responsibility and national sovereignty?
  • Allow adherents to defend themselves/own weapons?
  • Believe in an intelligently designed universe or naturistic origins of life?
  • Champion personal responsibility and accountability?
  • Uplift and inspire adherents to righteous behavior?

This is hardly an exhaustive list, but it’s a good starting point as you investigate world religions and belief systems. I hope it helps clear things up.

 “Test all things; hold fast what is good.”  – Thessalonians 5:21