Secrets of life #27

Social media is a pain killer. It masks the symptoms, but doesn’t treat the infirmity.

Human beings are created for relationship – with God, and each other.

The only permanent cure for loneliness remains real-life connection, communication and friendship.

Secrets of life #26

Children require parents that are neither playmate nor dictator.

They require a firm hand and a wise mind to guide them in the way they should go. A loving heart to comfort them, nurture their creativity, and show them the love of God. And strong arms to teach them the value of hard work, hold them when they’re broken, and protect them from harm.

Secrets of life #25

Contrary to what modern feminists would have you believe, female strength is not found cruelty, foul-mouthed tirades, sexual immorality, man-hating, baby killing, destroying the beauty and uniqueness of womanhood, or living in a perpetual state of offense.

Truly strong women are kind, compassionate, loving, intelligent, forgiving and faithful. They embrace their femininity and cherish the things that make them different from – and a perfect (equal) partner for – men.

Truly strong women achieve not to spite men, but alongside them.

Truly strong women carry themselves with dignity, conduct their lives with honor, and love unconditionally.

Truly strong women elevate us all.

Secrets of life #22

Existing is not enough.

A life of living – rejecting the ephemeral seductions of possessions, wealth and popularity; intentionally pursuing truth and love and meaning in everyday life – ushers a soul into eternity fulfilled.